• Travelling

    My hometown

    I am known as a real “wanderluster”. I love travelling. Even though the travelling has been limited to certain charterdestinations after becoming a mother, we still hire a car and explore even the most…

    21st April 2017
  • Tanker


    I love it when tulips are arriving into the flowerstores. It means spring is close by. Few things makes me get that spring feel as a bouquet of tulips on my windowsill. Not sure…

    27th February 2017
  • Mote og sånn

    Daniel Wellington

    I am not going to recycle a lot from my old blog. Not that I am strating over either. I just haven’t got the will and wereforce to export the old blog over to…

    21st February 2017
  • Foto

    In the fog

    It wasn’t quite the same walking the bacehes at home as it was in Gran Canaria. First of all, it was cold… so cold… Second of all, it was really windy. And third of…

    20th February 2017
  • Tanker

    This far…

    But no longer… For six months I have hosted my blog at nouw.com. Nice and all. ANd you do get some free traffic. But in the end, I do want to control everything myself.…

    16th February 2017